Buffet 11,50€ / Soup 9,00 € /Salad of the day 10,00 €
Opening hours: 8.00-14.30
Lunch served: 10.30-13.00

Monday 22.4.

  • Overcooked smoked pork neck, dark cranberry sauce and cream potatoes L, G
  • Cherry tomato, avocado and feta pasta L

Tuesday 23.4.

  • Curry flavored chicken and potato casserole L, G
  • Rolled oats and sweet pepper pan M, G, VE

Wednesday 24.4.

  • Creamy beef liver sauce, cooked potatoes and lingonberry L, G
  • Vegetable rolls, cooked potatoes and lingonberry L, G

Thursday 25.4.

  • Fish in creme fraiche sauce with herbs and mashed potato L, G
  • Broad bean strip-vegetable sauce with mashed potato L, G

Friday 26.4.

  • Kebab & pita bread, hot tomato- and garlic sauce L
  • Vegetarian kebab & pita bread, hot tomato- and garlic sauce L
Soup of the day mon-wed:
  • Carrot-tarragon soup L, G
Soup of the day thu-fri:
  • Pea soup M, G
Payment methods
  • Bank and credit cards
  • Edenred lunch vouchers and card, mobile application
  • Eazybreak mobile app
  • Smartum mobile application
  • Epassi mobile application
  • Cash
  • Invoicing option for companies as well