May we introduce ourselves behind Kahvila Donner’s desk and kitchen ; Marjut, Emilia & Jari.

We have worked over decades in different type of restaurant environments, collected a lot of miles, experiences  and years all the way since 1990; From cross the Finland to Lapland and middle Europe. We have studied in restaurant schools getting our degrees with vocational qualification in food productions -, hospitality management – and  wine master’s degree. Jari has gained he’s speciality by spending over 15 summers in harvesting Chateau Carsin Winery in France.

Our basic philosophy for the food is pretty simple; Self made, with fresh and quality ingredients, simple and tasteful food. We leave the fine trickery for others but we are not afraid to try something new to keep in touch whats new in the field and sometimes just to surprise ourselves among with happy customers.

We hope we can provide you the good feeling what we get from making what we love – good food and good wine!


In my personal life I am kept busy with 4 kids, hubby, 4 dogs and some gardening. Whenever I have some free time I usually pack the whole circus into the car and we drive up to our summer cottage. In autums I love to wonder in the forest. I have also gotten to know German lifestyle and culture via my spouse and I’ve also gotten the privilege of getting to know how to do handmade true German sausages by my mother-in-law who successfully ran her own restaurant for decades. My favourites to make however is different kind of pastries, pies and cakes.


On my free time I am usually found either at the gym, training or then doing some kickboxing. At home I love to spent some time reading quality books and listening music. There is one thing I will never get enough – good food and good wine and thats why Im constantly doing all kind of culinary experiences at my home kitchen. My love to France started in the end of 1990 when I got secondment to Honfleurand and Paris. 2006 I met my husband at Bordeaux´ssa Winery where we still head to annually for the harvester. In the kitchen, making food Im like Jekyll and Hyde; disciplined and fired up trying to be as colourful and calm as a rainbow.


Our newest member into our team. His speciality is wine tastings and drinks overall. Jari makes our morning smoothies and freshly pressed juices every single day with a smile on his face! So come and get your vitamins with a good touch!

Hyvinkään Viiniklubi Ry

Wineclub for people to meet at Kahvila Donner.

This club is all about getting all the people together who are interested in wines and everything revolving around it. The Wineclub’s interest is to provide people some organised events like different kind of tastings with changing lecturers, dinners and other activities that has anything to do with wine. You don’t have to be experienced fancier – pure interest is enough!

To join Hyvinkää wine club you can either mail to or join Facebook Group Hyvinkään Viiniklubi.

  • no member subscriptions
  • no commitments
  • Freedom to choose when and where to join when theres events
  • Events will be provided through autumn and springs around 4 times per year

More details and information about the future events you can find through Hyvinkää wineclub’s own Facbook-page.

Welcome to enjoy with us!