Notification: Kahvila Donner continues to follow the corona virus situation

Kahvila Donner follows the corona virus guidelines given by the THL


At Kahvila Donner we follow the progression of the COVID-19 state and continue to monitor updates of the guidelines given by THL in regards fo the present situation. The Café continues to be open and we serve our customers to the best of our abilities at this point. Some of the normal products might not be available if they cannot be delivered by our supplier. Up to date information on the virus and its current state, you can find from the Health and Sanitation website.

How do we take corona into consideration at the café?

We have taken additional measurements in cleaning cycles and use heavy disinfectant on all surfaces. We disinfect and clean our tables, chairs, buffet tables, countertops and glass vitrines more regularly this way.

At the lunch buffet we change the serving spoons regularly and our staff follows the operational guidelines given to combat and minimise the spread of the virus.

At the beginning of the serving line in the café you will find hand sanitiser and we would like our customers to know that you should use this before you pick up any food. Furthermore we would like our customers to take care of their hand hygiene outside the café as well. Lastly we would like to ask our customers to use more one-time cups, water glasses and plates.

We herby prohibit any customer to enter our premises sick or with symptoms fo the corona virus.

The Winter war ended 80 years ago , we made it then even when the situation was dire and seemed hopeless.
We will overcome the corona situation as well, the end of the world will not come, we just need to take care of our own health and continue.

Lets try to keep the community and entrepreneurs continuously in business so we continue to welcome you all for lunch and coffee.

Best Regards,

Kahvila Donner
MargEmil Catering Oy

Marjut Hartikainen
Emilia Rommel
Jari Koiksniemi