Kahvila Donner

Lounasravintola ja Kahvila



Our goal is to maintain Cafe Donner open normally even though the cityhall has locked the doors.

We want to ease down our customers’ every day life and make it through safely during this corona-crisis. Eating daily lunch can be easy and care free together with a good taste!

Our lunch can be either take-away or home delivered between 10.00 am to 14.00 pm

Call: 045 150 9090
email: info@kahviladonner.com

We will pack you lunch ready to take with you!

If there’s any changes in our opening or operating times , we will inform you immediately.

Lunch packed as TakeAway, being picked up: 8,00 €
Lunch delivered in Villatehdas area: 8,50€
Lunch being delivered in Hyvinkää area 10,00€ + delivery fee 5,00€
Orders over 30€ includes delivery fee.
All portions includes fresh salad, focaccia bread and warm food.

Bank and credit cards, Edenred lunch tickets- and card, Eazybreak-mobile app and cash. Companies can also be invoiced.
More information about our opening hours, our operating times, office or home deliveries:
Cafe Donner 045 150 9090 (klo 8.00-14.30)
Marjut Hartikainen 040 829 6744
Emilia Rommel 040 568 4862

Special diet symbols: VL – low lactose, L – lactose free, M – milk free, G – gluten free, VE – vegan

Monday 23.3.
Sausage á la Provence & fried potatoes M, G Salad of the day L, G  
Tuesday 24.3.
Ham and potato casserole, beetroot & pickle L, G Salad of the day L, G
Wednesday 25.3.
Pesto – pine nuts ravioli with white wine sauce L Salad of the day L, G  
Thursday 26.3.  
Crispy lime – parsley flavoured fish & mash potato L Salad of the day L, G  
 Friday 20.3.  
Chicken & tomato lasagna  L Salad of the day L, G