The café is open on weekdays from 8 am to 2.30 pm.


Café Donner serves a rich lunch buffet on weekdays from 10:30 to 13:00.


Lunch buffet 9.50€ incl. Rich salad table, soup, two main courses, breads, homemade beer and coffee.


Soup lunch 7.00€ incl. Rich salad bar, soup, breads, homemade beer and coffee.


Salad of the day 7.00€ including two toppings (eg feta cheese, salmon, chicken), breads, homemade beer and coffee.


The café also offers a vegetarian hot meal every day.

We only use domestic meat!

The café’s delicious and healthy lunches can also be enjoyed as take away.


Bank and credit cards, Edenred lunch tickets- and card, Smartum lunch tickets- and mobile app, ePassi mobile app,  Eazybreak-mobile app and cash. Companies can also be invoiced.
More information about our opening hours, our operating times, office or home deliveries:
Cafe Donner 045 150 9090 (klo 8.00-14.30)

Special diet symbols: VL – low lactose, L – lactose free, M – milk free, G – gluten free, VE – vegan


Monday 18.1.

Oven roasted sausages  & mashed potatoes L, G

Vegetable-noodle wok M

Eggplant-parmesan soup L, G


Tuesday 19.1.

White fish seasoned with basil, lemon sauce & roasted vegetables L, G

Vegetable ball sheet & dill-cucumber mayonnaise M, G

Spinach soup & egg L, G


Wednesday 20.1.

Liver sauce, cooked potatoes & lingonberry L, G

Stuffed sweet peppers L, G

Curry-vegetable soup L, G


Thursday 21.1.

Chicken in peanut sauce & rice L, G

Palak Paneer & rice L, G

Peasoup with meat M, G and pancakes with jam L


Friday 22.1.

Minced meat with nacho gratin L, G

Spiced sweet potato casserole L, G

Sausage with vegetable soup M, G

Kahvila / Café 8.00-14.30
Lounas / Lunch 10:30-13.00